Benefits and importance of using intelligence testing

Simply intelligence is the ability of complex thinking, reasoning and learning, it is the skill of making judgments. And the measurement of these skills and abilities can be done through intelligence tests that help to determine academic abilities, various purposes, and a person’s ability to handle particular skills for a particular job. The intelligence test score or the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a primary type of test used to measure these abilities; if the score is below 79 it is considered as low IQ, if the score falls between 80 and 119 it is an average score, an IQ that scores 120 or more is the best or of high IQ.

Some benefits of intelligence tests 

  • To determine the ability to handle specific tasks –

read moreMost employers of leading business organizations use intelligence tests to identify employees’ capability of performing particular tasks. Potential employers in the event of an interview has the opportunity to select the effective employees that posses reasoning and decision making skills required to do well on specific job assignments. With the help of IQ testing they can make decisions on the most suitable employee that best fit the vacant position of the organization.

  • Comparison of school systems –

School systems use test results to compare the intelligence level of students, for this they compare the results with schools of other districts, states in the nation that are taken from students of the same age, grade or level. If test results consistently reveal poor scores in the same location and grade, this shows that particular school’s academic curriculum requires certain changes.


  • To identify academic talents –

Parents and administers determine students academic abilities with the help of intelligence test results. If scores indicate students with disabilities, administers and teachers can determine the proper path for the child.


  • For self-satisfaction –

Some individuals need conformation that they are of high IQ. So they fulfill it by taking a test for personal gratification.


  • Child care benefits –

Professionals use these test results to identify reasons for the bad behavior of a child, parents can discover the areas where a needs to develop, improved and pay more attention to along with their age.


  • Discover hidden talents –

Individuals has the opportunity to identify their strengths and weaknesses by evaluating their position of intelligence, thereby pay much attention to improve on weaker areas and further develop required skills to perform various tasks.

  • Government –

With the help of testing results professional are able to determine the children that are eligible for government funded assistance and extra help under the act of “No child left behind”


Intelligence testing is being used by a variety of parties for numerous purposes. It gives an idea regarding the status of intelligence and reasons for the cause of it. But it is important to know that intelligence testing will not measure the amount of knowledge a person has already gained, it only measures the ability to learn, think and make judgments which will help you in your daily life.


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